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Making the world of wine accessible and approachable one glass at a time

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From building your dream cellar list to creating a custom wine tasting for your next dinner party,

Cellar & Serve offers a variety of wine-related services, including (but not limited to):


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C&S provides full appraisal services for wine and spirits including cellar valuations, charitable contribution tax assessments, and purchase and sale agreements. (Coming soon!)


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C&S offers personalized beverage classes and tastings allowing you or your staff to enhance their beverage knowledge, further enriching your guest’s experience. 


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Whether you’re working on a new concept or looking to re-focus an existing one, C&S can offer innovative and strategic council for all things beverage.   

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Building the cellar of your dreams is not always as simple as it seems!  We provide wine curation, advisement and cellar organization services. 

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Hosting a catered event or want to treat your friends and family to a wine tasting?  C&S can provide licensed and expert sommelier services. 


Alcoa, TN 





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